Russia.Small towns with a long history


• Arrival in Moscow. Transfer to Ryazan
• Accommodation at the hotel  in Ryazan. Dinner.


• Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.

Departure for the excursion. City tour of Ryazan.Various monuments of ancient Russian architecture and architecture of classicism of the 15th-19th centuries create a unique panorama of the city. The Ryazan Kremlin gives a special identity and color to the city — a visiting card of Ryazan. You will see — the main trading area of the city (now bears the name of VI Lenin), the Red Rows, the merchant's street Sobornaya with a two-story building. The only palace in Ryazan XIX century — the house of the patron G.Rumina, the most beautiful building of the Noble Assembly, the Theater Square, dominated by the Theater of Drama, one of the oldest in Russia. The brand of our city is a monument,  which called «mushrooms with eyes», with the help of which you will try to count all animals and insects and make a wish. You will pass along the main pedestrian street of our city — Pochtova and you will see a majestic monument to Evpatiy Kolovrat. And of course you will go to the embankment to see the beautiful panoramic view of the main pearl of the city — the Ryazan Kremlin.
• Lunch at the cafe.
• Visit to the Orthodox holy places of the city: the Cathedral of Saints Boris and Gleb, Holy Trinity Monastery, Khristrozhdestvensky and Arkhangelsk cathedrals of the Ryazan Kremlin.
• Return to the hotel. Dinner. Free time.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Transfer to the village Konstantinovo (40 km from Ryazan) — to the homeland of Russian famous poet S. A Yesenin. Here you will be able to see the house of poet and thus understand «Russian soul» 
  • Visiting of the expositions:
    • — Literary Museum;
    • Interactive program "I remembered the village of childhood" — during the lesson-excursion you can become S.Esenin's classmates, learn how to write with a pen and ink, read using the alphabet of the beginning of the XX century. You will understand what kind of writing tools and books were necessary for the student. After it you will visit his  parents' home and the Zemsky school.
    • Lunch at the cafe.
    • Moving to Poshchupovo. Visit to the St. John ofBegozoslovsky Monastery. The monastery originated in the late 12th or early 13th century and was founded by Greek missionary monks who brought with them a miraculous icon of the Apostle John, written in the sixth century in Byzantium by an orphan. This image became the main shrine of the Theological Monastery. Visiting the holy spring.
    • Return to Ryazan. Dinner.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Excursion around the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin. The Kremlin is the oldest part of Ryazan. It was here in the XI century when the city of Pereyaslavl Ryazan was founded. The unique historical and architectural ensemble of the Kremlin with majestic Old Russian architecture and picturesque landscape is the pride and the main decoration of the city.
    • The singing corps is a monument of civil architecture of the mid-17th century. Currently, the building is an exposition of the museum "According to the custom of the grandfather", telling about the everyday life and holidays of the Russian people.
    • Lunch at the cafe.
    • Visit to Ryazan Art Museum. I.P. Pozvostina is one of the oldest and largest museums in Russia (14,000 exhibits). The building is a palace-type town house, an architectural monument of the 18th century. Today in this palace — a beautiful collection of paintings, sculptures, graphic works of Russian and foreign masters of the XV-XX centuries.
    • Musical program with participation of soloists of the Ryazan Philharmonic "Good mood".
    • Return to the hotel. Dinner.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Early meeting with the guide. Departure to the city of Vladimir (240 km from Ryazan), which is included in the Golden Ring of Russia and is considered its gate.
  • Arrival in Vladimir, excursion to the Water Tower Museum. Not far from the Golden Gate in the former water tower building is the exposition "Old Vladimir". It shows the city life in its everyday, everyday flow, recreates the atmosphere of the old Vladimir — philistine, bureaucratic, merchant. To emphasize the color of the era, the interiors of the room in the house of a wealthy citizen, a church shop, a police station were recreated.
  • Sightseeing tour of Vladimir, departure to the city of Suzdal, a guided tour. Suzdal is a city-museum in the open air.
  • Arrival to the city of Suzdal, excursion to the Museum of Wooden Architecture. Exposition "The House of the Peasant".
  • Visit to the Kremlin. Excursion to the Spaso-Efimov Monastery, visit to the Transfiguration Cathedral.
  •  Walk through Suzdal, free time to buy souvenirs.
  • Departure to Ryazan. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Free time.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • An exciting trip to the fabulous city of Kasimov awaits you. (170 km from Ryazan). For more than 860 years, the city of Kasimov has been admiring the reflection in the waters of the Oka, and everyone who comes here — with the beauty and inimitable appearance of the Meshcheri capital.
  • On the way there is a stop in the most mysterious place of the Ryazan region — the village of Gus-Zhelezny. And what is his mystery, you will learn on the tour.
  • We invite you to the cozy atmosphere of the museum "Russian Samovar", where you will find a tea from a real samovar with refreshments, as well as a delicious lunch. You will have a unique opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things about samovars and everything that is associated with them. Everyone can make a wish by holding on to the handles of the unique "Samovar of desires".
  • We invite you to visit the real bell world — a museum of bells and bells, where we will hear this exciting ringing and learn what the bells say. Each of you will be given the opportunity to call the bell, feel like a bell ringer.
  • A sightseeing tour of Kasimov will acquaint you with the main sights: the Tatar settlement, the embankment of the Oka River, shopping arcades, the Assumption Church, the Ascension Cathedral, the old mosque. Cathedral Square is an open-air museum, here most of the merchant's estate complexes are concentrated. You go up to the minaret of the ancient mosque and you will see the city from a bird's-eye view.
  • And, finally, you will have a real smith Sergeyitch! And also a photo-session on the background of forged joke works, dedication to assistant blacksmiths, an opportunity to try themselves in blacksmithing and even master the profession of forge magician yard. Tasting the famous tincture of the blacksmith Sergeich for complete relaxation and, of course, there will be no surprises! This trip will be remembered for a long time!
  • Return to Ryazan. Dinner. End of the program


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Oka Biosphere Reserve (120 km from Ryazan) — the most picturesque corner of nature. You will not find uniformity in the nature of this land! In the Oka reserve, unique species of plants and animals are preserved, every thousand birds flock to this region every spring. These are geese, cranes, herons, a variety of waders, gulls, rakshies, about a hundred species of passerine birds. The emblem of the reserve was the black stork, who regularly meets here.
  • Walk through the cranes and bison nurseries. Visit to the Museum of Nature.
  • Lunch at the café.
  • A stop in a mysterious place called "Ryazan Stonehenge" — Historical and Archaeological Reserve, is an ancient settlement on the site of the capital of the Ryazan principality, which in December 1237 held a siege from the hordes of Khan Baty. Ryazan was one of the largest cities of Ancient Rus along with Kiev. The road to Old Ryazan, repeating the ancient path, goes between the shafts of the eastern part of the city.
  • Well, now we suggest that you become the defenders of our city. Interactive program "Defense of the old Ryazan." The program is an interactive excursion that introduces participants to the events of 1237. The program includes: a story about the events of the 13th and 14th centuries, the invasion of the Tatar-Mongol and the heroic struggle of the Russian people against the invaders. The exhibition is interactive, excursionists are given the opportunity to try on any element of the equipment of medieval warriors or the whole complex, try to move in it. Interactive: training and battles on safe mock-ups of swords and spears, games for strength, dexterity and accuracy, duels in medieval combat clothing.
  • Return to Ryazan. Dinner. Free time


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Ryazan — the capital of the Airborne Forces, it is in our city that airborne officers are trained.
  • Visit to the Museum of the History of the Airborne Troops, which is located in the heart of Ryazan. During the excursion you will not only pass through the halls of the museum, hear the history of the formation of airborne troops and their role in the military history of the country, but you will also see military equipment, hold real weapons and even feel yourself as a defender of the country.
  • Visit to the memorial square. Near the Ryazan landing school there is a small square, which for many years bore the name of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. But in the 2000's and thousandth years, the square was renamed in honor of Hero of the Soviet Union, Commander-in-Chief of the Airborne Forces Vasily Filippovich Margelov. In the center of it, there are several famous sights: a monument dedicated to the Ryazan soldiers who died in local wars; an obelisk in memory of the creation of the first Polish division and a monument to General Margelov, in honor of which the square is now called.
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Military-patriotic game "Partisans" based on the Great Patriotic War. The plot of the game unfolds in 1942. In the rear of the enemy two scouts are thrown to create partisan detachments, which participants are invited to become guests. They are provided with equipment (helmets and raincoats) and training is provided. Throwing grenades, "minefield", receiving a radiogram and sending a response using a telegraph key and Morse code, mining a bridge, firing empty cartridges, aiming at targets and other.
  • Boat trip along the Oka River. The journey will begin from the pier near the Ryazan Kremlin. From there, along the Trubezh River, you will get to Oka, along which the Ryazan motor ship moves to the bridge to Solotchu, and then turns back.
  • Dinner. Free time.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Transfer to Kolomna (90 km from Ryazan). Kolomna is located on the site of the confluence of the Moscow River and the Oka River. This is one of the oldest cities of the Moscow region, the beloved city of Dmitry Donskoy, the center of Orthodox Russia. The city sparkles with gold domes, in Kolomna and the surrounding area are concentrated two dozen churches, there are four monasteries.
  • Excursion around Kolomna Kremlin.
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Visit one of the delicious museums of Kolomna — the Kalach Museum. Kalachnaya is an unusual museum. It can be called alive, because the main object of the museum show was the process of baking kalachas, recreated according to ancient guidelines.
  • Return to Ryazan. Dinner. Free time.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Early meeting with the guide.
  • Arrival in Murom (253 km from Ryazan), meeting with a guide, city tour. Visit the observation platform "Where did the land of Murom went. Monument to the Monk Ilya of Murom ".
  • Monument to Peter and Fevronia.
  • City center: a monument to Kalach, st. Moscow, the area of the repressed, the tower of Mr. Ermakov, a monument to the 1st head of the city.
  •  Lunch at the cafe.
  • Visit to the Holy Trinity convent with the tomb of patrons of the family of love, faithfulness and birth of Peter and Fevronia of Murom.
  • Visiting the Savior-Transfiguration Monastery:
  • Visiting the belfry.
  • The Intercession Church (the small relics of Peter and Fevronia).
  • Purchase of kalachi, which was famous for the land of Murom (monastic bakery).
  • Departure of the group from Murom.
  • Return to Ryazan. Dinner. Free time.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Walking tour of the historic city center.
  • Animation and entertainment program "My Love, Ryazan Choir". About Ryazan choir and Ryazan folk song in a bright, emotionally rich form of presentation will tell our program. The program involves original instruments, costumes of the Ryazan State Academic Russian Folk Choir, and the audience — its active participants. The choir artists conduct the program with the richest concert experience behind their shoulders. The story of the choir for them is a story about love, love for the Russian song.
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Visit to a delicious museum — "Gingerbread Gallery". In many countries, in many cities cakes are baked. And this is not just sweetness — it's a tradition with its history. Every city, every country counts — our gingerbread is the most delicious! We decided to combine the gingerbread traditions of different countries under one roof. We tell how the traditions of gingerbread business differ in different regions and how they are united. You will receive a list of your own gingerbread, as well as a tea party!
  • Excursion to the museum of Ryazan candy. Right from the doorway, everyone goes on an exciting journey into the past that begins in ancient India and, gradually, passes all the stages of the exciting history of sugar to the present day. In the Museum you will find tasting, interactive shows, master classes on sugar, painting of the royal candy.
  • Dinner. End of the program.



  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • And today you are waited by traditional and national crafts of our city.
  • Transfer to the city of Skopin (100 km from Ryazan) — the town of potters. Skopinsky Center for Folk Arts and Crafts.
  • Skopinskaya art pottery is a traditional craft of the city of Skopina, one of the famous centers of ceramics on the territory of Russia. Workshops of the center tell about secrets, history and traditions of various crafts of the Ryazan region. Master class on the potter's wheel. You can make yourself a souvenir from clay and take it with you as a gift.
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Transfer to the city of Mikhailov. Mikhailovskoye lace is the only color lace in Russia, the weaving technique of which is unique and has no analogues, the fishing of the city of Mikhailov. At the operating enterprise you will find another fascinating master class
  • "Introduction to handmade lacework".
  • Return to Ryazan. Dinner. Free time.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide. Departure to the largest enterprise in Russia — Ryazan tannery. To see with your own eyes the modern process of leather production, to visit the heart of the leather business of Russia, anyone can take part in the production of a souvenir from the skin. Excursion to the enterprise, acquaintance with tanning, master class.
  • Lunch on site.
  • Moving to the Entertainment Complex in Some Kingdom. Free time for a walk.
  • Dinner at the restaurant. Return to Ryazan.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Transfer to the Spassky District (100 km from Ryazan). We invite you to look into the most interesting world of Russian dog hunting, to return to a time when for a good greyhound princes the herds of horses changed, and excitement for the beast captured people of all classes! Russian hunting is an important element of cultural and historical heritage. Here you can get acquainted with the history of Russian dog hunting, learn about the breeds of horses and dogs used in hunting. We will not only tell you about horses and dogs, but also show them! You can chat and take pictures with our friendly pets, ride on a real Don stallion! We will treat you with tea from a real Tula samovar in 1925, and then we will demonstrate the hunt for an artificial beast. A special mechanism allows an artificial hare to develop a speed of up to 40 km per hour, and viewers to see an exciting chase!
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Moving to the Ryazan biathlon complex. You can feel yourself in the role of a biathlete even in the summer!
  • Return to Ryazan. Dinner. End of the program.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with the guide.
  • Free day at the "Oka Pearl" entertainment complex.
  • Visit to the water park. In your spare time you can go on a Ferris wheel, sunbathe on the beach of your own lake.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • Return to Ryazan. Dinner. End of the program.


  • Breakfast in the hotel. Release of rooms.
  • Transfer to Moscow to the airport.
  •  End of the program
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Russia.Small towns with a long history

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