Russian Vacation. Version 2

Russian Vacation

Version 2

8 days/7 nights


Day 1


Arrival to Moscow and meeting with the guide at the airport.


Transfer to 4* En Moscu Radisson BLU Slavianskaya and check-in. Dinner at the hotel.

Free time. Optional excursion «The lights of Moscow» or a visit to a national show (extra charge).

Day 2


Breakfast at the hotel restaurant


Moscow city tour including visit of the main landmarks


Lunch at a restaurant.


A visit to the Kremlin territory and one of the churches and the Sobornaya Square. A walking tour around Alexander Gardens, Manezhnaya and Red Squares.


Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Free time. Optional visit to the Bolshoi Theater. Opera, ballet. (Extra charge)

Day 3


Breakfast at the hotel restaurant. An excursion to Kolomenskoye estate including the tour of the territory and XVII century exposition. You will see the Ascension Church which was included to the World  Heritage List by  UNESCO. Free time to walk around.  




Transfer Moscow – Ryazan.


Check-in at “Old Town” Hotel.  (www.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant. Nowadays Russian cuisine is considered as one of the most vivid cuisines, where each meal is a special masterpiece of culinary art.


A walk around the evening city

Visit to the "Vodka" museum with tasting. During the excursion you will learn how the production of strong spirits was developing, what kind of trade people were engaged in it, and where drinks were served. You will taste home-made vodka and national drinks — bread wine or polugar. Try the true Russian mead and kvass, and a wide range of liqueurs.

Day 4


Breakfast at the hotel restaurant «Old town». Check-out.


City tour around Ryazan. You will see the main trade city square, called Red line; walk along merchant street and Astrahanskaya street, which is the old route to the south Russian provinces. Also you will see a castle of the 19th century, the Hall of the Nobility, the Theatre square, in the centre of which there is one of the oldest Russian theatres — the Drama theatre. 

You will visit the Ryazan Kremlin, which was founded in the 11th century. The unique historical and architectural ensemble of the Kremlin with great Old Russian architecture and picturesque landscape is the main decoration of the city.

The singing corps is an architectural monument of the middle of the 17th century. You will visit the exposition of the museum «According to grandfather`s custom» and learn the everyday life and holidays of Russians.


Lunch at the restaurant.


Visiting the world`s only one Museum of history of airborne troops. During the tour you will not only walk along the halls of the museum and learn the history of the establishment of airborne troops, but also have a look at military equipment and hold real weapons in your hands.

Costume show. You will get acquainted with the birth of the new experimental type of troops which later would dramatically change the tactics of war in the middle of the XX century, with the role of airforce during the World War II and the airforce development later on till the present. You will see the uniform of airborne troops from the 30ies to the present and even try on unique reconstructed jumping suit of the first airborne troops, hold the weapons of the World War II and later periods.


Transfer to “V nekotorom tsarstve” complex.  (


Dinner at the restaurant.

Visiting the Russian baths. Learning Russian traditions. (Services of the bath attendant with birch or oak aromatic broom are extra charge)

Free time.

Day 5


Breakfast at the hotel restaurant “V nekotorom tsarstve”. Check-out.


Pottery workshop. An experienced master will tell you about clay, its properties and preparing it for work and will teach you basics of working on a potter’s wheel (hands alignment, centering, bottom forming, making a simple form)


Play the game "Partisans", which is based on the Second World War. The plot of the game unfolds in 1942. Two scouts are thrown to the rear of the enemy to create a partisan group. You are invited to be the participants of that group. You are provided with equipment (helmets and raincoats) and there will be a training for you. You will throw grenades, visit "minefield", receive a radiogram and send a response using a telegraph key and Morse code, mine a bridge, shoot empty cartridges, fire at targets and other. All the tests will be in a modern sports biathlon complex.



Lunch at the restaurant.


Transfer to the railway station


Train to Saint Petersburg from Ryazan

Day 6


Arrival to Saint Petersburg. Meeting with your guide


Lunch at a restaurant


City tour with the visit to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and Saint Isaac’s cathedral+ colonnade. During a three-hour city tour around Saint -Petersburg, you will see the most beautiful and well-known places in the city. You will stroll along the first and main street of Saint Petersburg –Nevsky Prospect –See 'Gostiny Dvor' and 'Dom Knigi', the Stroganov Palace,  and of course, Admiralty –the first shipping yard of Saint Petersburg-the beginning of Nevsky Prospect. You will visit the main squares of the city:

-The Palace Square formed by three buildings-the Hermitage, the General Staff building with a Triumphal arch, the building of the Guards House Staff and Alexander Column is one of the most outstanding architectural ensembles in St. Petersburg.

-On the Senate Square (the Decembrists' Square) you will see The Bronze Horseman, a monument to Peter the Great, the founder of the city, the Senate and Synod buildings which now house the Russian Constitutional Court.

-Saint Isaac's Square where you can admire the greatness of Saint Isaac's Cathedral, the bronze monument to Nicholas I, and the grace of the Mariinsky Palace which is now the city's Legislative Assembly.

You will also visit the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, a place, from which you can see a vast and magnificent panorama of the centre of Saint Petersburg. Among them is the Hare Island where in 1703 Peter the Great began construction of the Peter and Paul fortress, himself laying the foundation stones.

The “Aurora” cruiser is not very far from here, the monument of the October revolution.

Visit to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. This is one of the main sights of St. Petersburg. This church was built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was fatally wounded by political nihilists in March 1881. Architecturally, the Cathedral differs from St. Petersburg's other structures. It intentionally resembles the 17th-century Yaroslavl churches and the celebrated St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.

Saint Isaac’s cathedral+ colonnade

Is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in the city and is the largest orthodox basilica and the fourth largest (by the volume under the cupola) cathedral in the world. One has to overcome more than two hundred steps to get onto St. Isaac's Cathedral colonnade. Truly magnificent views are opened on the famous sights from this place.

Photo-stop on the Senate Square (Square of Decembrists).The unique ensemble of Senatskaya Ploshchad comprises a panoramic view of the Bolshaya Neva, the Alexander Garden, the magnificent buildings of the Senate and Synod, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the Admiralty. The compositional center and main ornament of the square is the Bronze Horseman.


Dinner at a restaurant

Transfer to a hotel  4*  “Moscow”. Check-in

Day 7



Meeting with your guide. Travel to Peterhof by hydrofoil. It is the fastest way to get there from Saint Petersburg.


Visit to the Summer palace and fountain park The Peterhof Museum Complex is one of the most popular museums not only in Russia, but in the world. Peter the Great planned Peterhof as the residence of a sea king. This was to be his incarnation of Russia as a great European power, with a foothold on the shores of the world's oceans, capable of competing with the finest Western courts —above all, with Versailles. The Peterhof Museum Complex is rightfully regarded as the "capital of fountains." Included in the state register of most valuable cultural objects of the Russian Federation, Peterhof now bears the proud title of one of the "Seven Wonders of Russia. "You will visit the largest of Peterhof's palaces-The Grand Palace. The palace-ensemble is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Lunch at a restaurant

Return to the city


Excursion to the Hermitage. Hermitage, the largest museum in Russia and one of the most important and well-known museums in the world. The museum boasts 353 rooms, filled with masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, Giorgione, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and others. The total number of pieces kept by the museum tallies to somewhere around 3 million. You can visit the Knights' Room where you can find a wide range of tournament, parade and hunting gear, as well as armour, edged weapons and firearms. The room of Ancient Egypt contains an Egyptian mummy.

Photo-stop at the Alexander Column on Palace Square. From the creator of the marvelous St. Isaac's Cathedral. Named after Emperor Alexander I, who ruled Russia during the Napoleonic Wars.


Dinner at a restaurant

Return to a hotel/ evening optional program

Free time. Optional visit to Mariinskii theatre. Opera, ballet. (Extra charge)

Day 8


Breakfast. Check-out


Meeting with your guide. Boat excursion along rivers and canals.

A boat trip is an essential part of any sightseeing holiday to St.Petersburg. A city built over 42 islands, it is surrounded by water and interlaced with a complex web of rivers, canals and channels that seem to bind the city together, while also marking the borders of its different districts and neighborhoods. The most relaxing, fun and easiest way for anyone to explore our Venice of the North is by cruising along the granite vestured rivers in the summer while enjoying the breeze of the day



Transfer to the airport


Group tour cost per person:



10 pax

20 pax

30 pax










Tour cost for individual tourists:


1-3 pax.





The cost includes: accommodation (3-4* hotels), transport (cars, Mersedes minubuses, Higer buses), guide, museums entrance fee, meals according to the programme

Extra charge for individual tourists (per 1 person):

  • Bath attendant services  – from 20 euro;
  • Horse riding – from 8 euro;
  • Hunting – from 50 euro;
  • Fishing –  from 25 euro;
  • Skiing and skating – from 4 euro;
  • Tubing – from  8euro;
  • Aquapark – from 14 euro;
  • Night walking tour – from 35 euro;
  • Theatre tickets from 70 euro;
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